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A Leading Global Supplier of Laundry Water and Energy Systems

Reducing the consumption of energy and water in laundries makes environmental sense, and it also makes financial sense. This is our field of expertise, and it’s been our passion for almost 4 decades.

Water, electricity, boiler fuel and chemicals - not to mention linen replacement – account for a significant proportion of the cost of producing clean linen. Whether for reasons of availability, or the need to take unnecessary costs out of production, recycling is now high on the agenda of many laundries. They can only complete by delivering the increasingly high standards of quality demanded by today's customers – with the minimum use and cost of utilities.

That’s where Aquatherm comes in. Starting in 1982 , we have taken recovery systems out of the realm of bespoke plant engineering, and into the development of highly efficient packaged and integrated solutions . Continuous Research and Development –and the experience of hundreds of installations in working laundries all over the world – have resulted in the range of products and applications that we are proud to offer today.

Whether you are building a new plant from scratch, expanding an existing plant, or simply in need of improving your current facility we are here to advise and help.

Leading suppliers of waste water energy recovery systems since 1995
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