Aquatherm and its MICRO at the LADA’s

Aquatherm has been installing energy saving systems for 40 years, starting long before the current crisis which threatens the very survival of many of our laundries in the UK.

4 decades of research and development later it is now possible simply by recovering the energy lost to drain from the laundering process to reduce the reliance on ‘new energy’ by a third or more, regardless of the size of the plant.

The COVID lockdown – during which there was understandably very little activity in Aquatherm’s market sector – was taken as an opportunity to complete a ground up redesign of the entire range of products, based on the same physics and DNA of the existing range, but without the normal time pressures it was possible to address every single aspect of design and operation, and to introduce all new models to address the smaller plants (Micro) and the very largest of plants (Monster).

Meanwhile the mid range systems (Midi and Maxi) now incorporate all the features of the new units, and examples of all systems have now been sold to customers as far afield as China, Japan and Australia, whilst interest from UK laundries is understandably at record high levels.

The Micro is a global first, a system which can not only recover over 80% of otherwise lost energy, but includes all the necessary tanks, pumps and pipework that would otherwise be the province of a full engineering installation.

The entire unit is packaged such that it can be wheeled into a laundry on a pallet and can be running on the day of arrival. Incorporating a process water system, a steam diffuser to provide controlled hot water to the process (most of which has been heated by recovered waste water) and if required an inline water reuse system, this is a perfect solution for laundries using up to 7m³ per hour, and with hot rinsing as a by product of the ‘total hot water process’ increased productivity simply adds to the economic benefits.

It is this system which was selected by the LADA judges in presenting the ‘Most Innovative Company’ award to Aquatherm, we are very proud to be recipients and committed to continuing the challenge of reducing the consumption of water, energy, chemicals and process times by using our guiding principles of ‘Invention, Innovation and Imagination’.

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