Tanks and Scavenger Pumps

One of the main problems with storing waste water in underfloor drain pits or uninsulated tanks is heat loss. At the end of the day the energy stored gradually dissipates, so that next morning there is no heat for the Aquatherm system to transfer to fresh water, resulting in a surge of energy use until temperatures build up. If drying times have been set to take advantage of hot rinsing, they may have to be reset for the early loads.

Aquatherm builds a small range of buffer tanks constructed in high temperature Polypropylene and heavily insulated to reduce heat loss to 0.11 degrees Celsius per hour. A tank with contents at 50 C at the end of production will still be hot enough next morning to permit an instant start. The same tanks can be used to store preheated fresh water, completely eliminating a ‘cold start’ to production. Typical capacity is in the range of 1-2 cubic metres.

There is a sloped base to the tank which allows lint and sediment to collect, this can be discharged periodically to ensure that the tank interior remains clean and free of odour.

The use of a floor mounted buffer tank makes it easy to collect waste hot water from a number of separated sources in the laundry using individual scavenger pumps. These can be sited adjacent to the machine drain, and switched on by a float switch whenever there is water to collect.

Tanks and Scavenger pumps
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