Aquatherm has been designing and building laundry energy and water systems since 1980, long before the pressures to reduce consumption and costs that we face today. Decades later, and after numerous evolutionary upgrades, the Aquatherm Micro is a system which extracts as much as 90% of the energy from dirty laundry wastewater, reusing all of that energy to heat incoming cold freshwater, reducing the demand for ‘new energy’ and cutting consumption significantly.

The Aquatherm Micro system is a new development designed to address the needs of smaller laundry operations, such as On-Premise Laundries (OPL’s) with water consumption rates from 1,000 to 7,000 litres per hour. The compact and efficient design coupled with the use of high-quality low-cost components sourced through our purchasing office in Shanghai has finally brought lower flow systems into the realm of affordability.

Mike Edwards, managing director of Aquatherm explained:

“In order to get the most from conventional heat recovery systems, there is a requirement for separate buffer tanks for hot wastewater, and preheated fresh water, together with interconnecting pipework, valves, flowmeters and so on. Integrating these systems into a working laundry can involve significant planning, installation cost and time. In the Micro, all of these elements are built into a single package, interconnected and linked to the central control system. All that is needed for installation is a fresh water supply, compressed air and electricity.”

The Micro is a purpose designed heat and water supply designed to recover the maximum amount of energy from the hot wastewater, and use it to preheat the fresh water used for the washing process. Instead of hooking up washing plant to mains water, the supply now comes from the Micro, already preheated using otherwise waste energy. If water re-use is required, whether in its own right or together with heat recovery, the Micro now has the capacity to incorporate this within its package.
Using heated water for the entire washing process is the most effective and efficient way to process laundry.

Re-use your Waste Water to save money with the all new Aquatherm Micro
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