Vast and Worldly experiences through the Laundry Industry – did we mention Norway?

We doubt whether any careers teacher has ever recommended looking for a job in the laundry Industry, let alone in the equipment supply sector, but maybe they should, it ticks a lot of boxes. In the 5 decades that we have been involved in supplying automation and water and energy systems we’ve visited over 80 countries and worked in many of them.   We were reminded of the variety of these experiences by a short visit recently to a community workshop in the town of Nordnes, just outside the west Norwegian town of Bergen (Nordnes Verksteder AS)

Here people with disabilities of all varieties are cared for in a supportive environment, where they also have a meaningful occupation, producing a variety of hand crafted wooden and ceramic ornaments and souvenirs which are sold from the boutique on the premises or in the local city. They also sort and pack fruit to supply the schools fruit scheme which applies to all primary schools in Norway.

And tucked away in the corner they even have a small commercial laundry, where we were proud to see one of our own products on view, one of the first renditions of our Aquatherm Micro heat and water recovery system, a fine example of Norway’s approach to all things environmental.  This is a stunningly beautiful country, and it’s clear the inhabitants intend to keep it that way.  We are very proud to be a part of that process.


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