Aquatherm comes in a range of capacities from 5,000 litres per hour to 100,000 litres per hour.

The principal elements of every Aquatherm system are built into the main cabinet and prewired and tested ready for installation. This includes:-

Energy Saving

  • Combined flow and temperature fresh water meter, capable of reading peaks of 60M3 per hour and with a level of accuracy across the range of 0.8% and repeatability of 0.2%
  • Thermocouples to measure waste and fresh water temperatures
  • Pressure gauges on all 4 water connections
  • Prewired plug and socket connections for remote accessories
  • Connections for chemical cleaning
  • Automatic 4 way valve for self cleaning

Supplied separately for on site installation:-

  • Waste water pump – heavy duty effluent pump capable of handling lint, chemicals and solids up to 20mm diameter.
  • Pressure sensitive tank or pit level sensor
  • Waste water flow meter (which can be sited anywhere convenient in the downstream waste water line)
  • And if needed, scavenger pumps and buffer tanks

Control Facilities

Aquatherm’s controls are integrated with the pumps and sensors to achieve the highest level of performance that the hardware is capable of – at all times.

A user friendly touch screen makes it easy to set up the system for the particular site, and to monitor and measure flows, temperatures and savings in ‘real time'.

Hooked up to the plant network or linked by modem, Aquatherm feeds information to an energy management system, or to spreadsheet or database, keeping track of water consumption and energy savings.

Linked directly to a CBW, the system can change feed temperatures automatically for special processes (i.e. Protein staining or low temperature wash) and track water use and production output.

Monitoring of pH and effluent content can be added on request. The output from every sensor or device is measured every second, updating the screen and recording the data for later use. All data are stored from the day of start up, helping to keep tabs on performance, or if something is not working as expected providing the diagnostic information needed to find out why.

Using the latest dynamic flow matching algorithms to match the waste and fresh water flows – controlling pump outputs and tank levels to suit – gets the very best performance out of the Aquatherm hardware at all times. The following are measured, displayed and recorded every second to provide absolute control.

  • Tank levels
  • Pump speeds
  • Flows
  • Temperatures
  • Thermal efficiency
  • Savings
  • Alarms

Energy Centre

Aquatherm can be combined with standard tanks and scavenger pumps to establish an ‘Energy Centre’ located anywhere convenient in the plant. Hot waste water can be collected from a number of separate sources, and combined. The energy is then transferred to fresh water in a separate buffer tank where it can be pumped on demand to the process machinery. It is also possible to filter and store the cooled waste water for reuse, which can result in significant reductions in water consumption. Since the cooled waste water still contains some residual energy after Aquatherm, this further reduces the amount of ‘new energy’ needed for the process.

Should there be an excess of flash steam or condense, it can be used by inserting a suitable heat exchanger into the circuit before or after the fresh water tank.

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