Aquatherm – Helping to reduce Global Warming, one laundry at a time

Aquatherm – Helping to reduce Global Warming, one laundry at a time

Continuing its groundbreaking R & D programme, Aquatherm is now supplying the award winning range of MICRO / MIDI / MAXI units developed during the Covid lockdown to laundries far and wide.

Pictured are units destined for a Canadian Hospital Laundry, a Swiss Animal Sanctuary, a fast growing UK family owned linen rental laundry and a Norwegian Garment laundry.

With different capacities but sharing the same technological DNA each unit is capable of recovering over 80% of the energy lost to waste from the washing process, reducing kWh consumption and CO2 emissions and – the motivating factor for many - cutting total energy costs by 25-30%

Byron Windt, Aquatherm’s Operations Director comments ‘It is really rewarding to see that our intensive work during the Pandemic has caught the imagination and attention of so many laundries for whom this topic was previously below the radar.’

Development has continued, with a low cost water reuse system which can cut water consumption by 1/3rd and a hot process water module which replaces cumbersome conventional heating systems, and makes ‘steamless laundries’ as irrelevant as they are unaffordable.

Read more on our water re-use system here:

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