Altnagelvin Area Hospital, Londonderry

Altnagelvin Hospital is part of the NHS Western Health & Social Care trust of Northern Ireland and one of five designated cancer units with 481 beds.

Currently undergoing a major redevelopment programme, an Aquatherm V10 was installed and commissioned in March 2012.

Since the Aquatherm was dedicated to one machine—a Lavatec 12/50 there was no requirement for extra fresh water buffering and for the waste water a drain trench, used many years before when the laundry employed washer extractors, was re-furbished and re-commissioned as a waste water buffer—thus saving expensive excavation or over ground tanking.

Four months later the Aquatherm was showing a thermal recovery of 85.26% with savings of over £28,600 expected by year end. This representing 24.4% of their total fuel bill.

The Assistant Linen Services Manager, Trevor Lynch said...

[su_quote]What pleases me most is that since the installation of the Aquatherm I don’t get any more temperature stops. Before Aquatherm I was getting 5 or 6 temperature stops a day—each one taking 2-3 minutes out of production time[/su_quote]

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